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We specialize in recruiting sales professionals, brand ambassadors and merchandising experts.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) entails outsourcing an external provider to run some or all your company’s recruitment processes. An effective RPO provider can handle details like finding candidates, interviewing and advising in the final stages of your hiring decision. An RPO provides the technology and the expertise to lower recruiting costs and perform these tasks without having to hire your own internal team.

Recruitment process outsourcing differs greatly from contingent staffing agencies, starting from their very core mandate. RPO is not built around the hurry up and fill the job mentality. Instead, recruitment process outsourcing centers around the mission to help organizations improve their overall hiring.

The RPO provider’s job doesn’t end with filling the position, like it does with staffing agency recruiters. An RPO will continuously analyze employee turnover, hiring technology, and all elements of the hiring equation to constantly improve the entire hiring process for their client.

In direct contrast to contingency staffing firms, RPO providers are far less expensive, deeply invested in your hiring manager satisfaction, and employment brand, and they strive to do more than just fill the job. Regardless of source, RPOs work diligently to find the best fit candidates, for every position, every time.

What can Linx Talent RPO do for your HR team?

When your internal HR team handles the entire hiring process, their time and attention is divided between details of the recruitment process and high-level, strategic HR planning.

When you leverage Linx Talent’s RPO service, you allow your HR team to focus on the processes and planning that make your company a great place to work.

Instead of wading through your candidate pool, your HR staff will be able to focus on your company’s talent needs and evaluating the very best candidates that we present to them. They’ll also have the additional time to continuously improve upon your recruiting function, turnover rates, and employee profiles to determine which candidates will be the best long-term match for your business.

Our Solution Goes Beyond RPO

Our complete RPO Solution is your smartest recruiting option.

Our custom recruiting solution that works along side your own team to take care of your recruiting from start to finish. We handle the people, process, technology and strategy to ensure the job is done right – without the hassle and headache of managing it yourself.

Linx Talent Recruiting Specialties

Brand Ambassadors

We recruit brand ambassadors for a variety of special events including car shows, beverage promotions, sporting events and trade shows.

Merchandising Experts

Merchandising experts provide daily, weekly, or semi-weekly visits to stock, take inventory, create appealing displays and clean up.

Sales Professionals

The sales professionals we recruit are qualified to sell unique products at club roadshows, special events, fairs, home shows & much more!